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How it works?

Detective trails: How do the Detective-Trails work?

In short, the Detective-Trails are a treasure hunt with Detective Badger.
Go to the starting point of the Detective-Trail, which is named on the Detective-Trail-map (print version or web app). After purchasing, you can decide whether you want to play the Detective-Trail with the print version or in the web app.
The first puzzle awaits you at the starting point. Just like on a scavenger hunt, the directions lead you from one puzzle to the next. You can solve the puzzles based on the local conditions – there are no obstacles anywhere. You will also learn lots of interesting facts about the place where you are completing the Detective-Trail.
At the end, you will find out whether you are a master detective by checking the code. The code is checked either with a lock on a treasure chest (small gift in the treasure chest / 1 gift per person who has paid) or an SMS code (small gift with subsequent dispatch / 1 gift per person who has paid). You calculate/crack the four-digit code from the solutions to the 12 – 16 puzzles.

Who pays how much?

All adults and children aged 6 and over who are on the trail are required to pay!
2 persons: CHF 18.- (CHF 9.- per person)
3 persons: CHF 27.- (CHF 9.- per person)
4 persons: CHF 34.- (CHF 8.50 per person)
5 persons: CHF 42.50 (CHF 8.50 per person)
6 persons: CHF 51.- (CHF 8.50 per person)
From 11 persons: CHF 7.50 per person
Special rate for schools: only on request

detektiv-dachs-mit-karteNo pre-booking necessary

You don’t need to book in advance to complete a Detective-Trail! You can decide spontaneously at any time when you want to go on a treasure hunt with Detective Badger.

Variants of Detective-Trails

Icon mit Schatztruhe

Detective-Trails with treasure chest
With this Detective-Trail variant you find a treasure chest at the end. You need the four-digit code to open the treasure chest and remove your gift from the treasure chest.

Icon mit Geschenk-Nachversand

Detective-Trails with voucher
With this Detective-Trail variant you receive a voucher at the end, which you can redeem against a small gift.

Icon mit Geschenk-Coupon

Detective-Trails with subsequent delivery
With this Detective-Trail variant, a small gift is sent to you by post. You need the four-digit code to request your gift by e-mail.


The Detective-Trails are designed for children and adults. With support, the trails can be solved from around 6 years of age, while the questions can be solved alone from around 12 – 14 years of age. The level of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult) is different for each Detective-Trail and is indicated in the product overview. The Detective-Trails are ideal for families, grandparents, schools, clubs and companies.

Play with the print version (printable Detective-Trail map) or in the web app

After purchasing, decide whether you want to play with the print version or in the web app.

Print version Detective-Trails: With the help of a printed Detective-Trail map (sample in german) – print option must be available – you can set off and note down all the solutions in order to calculate and crack the code at the end.
Web app Detective-Trails: Start the Detective- Trail spontaneously and at any time without paper. All you need is a smartphone with enough battery power. You don’t need to take any notes when you play with the web app.

For individual trails, you can purchase the Detective-Trail map (usually only the print version) at a local point of sale. If there is a local point of sale, you will see this on the product overview of the respective Detective-Trail.

How to complete a trail with large groups?

If you want to do the trail with large groups, we recommend forming small groups of approx. 5 people each. And then start at short intervals (approx. 5-10 minutes). Simply purchase the desired Detective-Trail in the web shop for the number of people who want to complete the Detective-Trail in total. After the purchase, you can print out the detective trail map for the participants after downloading it. If you want to play online, the Detective-Trail team will need to activate additional accesses for you. You will find the exact instructions after purchase under Game instructions. It takes 3-5 working days to activate further accesses.
Important: Please don’t forget to take the order confirmation with you on the day you complete the trail, which we will send you by e-mail. Make sure that the person with the order confirmation is the first to arrive at the destination and waits until all groups have arrived. Random checks will be made at the destination to ensure that everyone has paid the participation fee.

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have under FAQs.




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